Week Five in Three Parts: Organizing; Marcy-jacket Update; and Changing the World One Marking Pen at a Time.

Good Morning!!!!

It is a cold and blustery day. Spring is coming but Winter is letting us know it hasn’t packed its bags yet. Mitzie-the-Sewing-Kitty says it is the perfect day for curling up in a hatbox in the closet.

In today’s post I am going to talk to you about making a change with the posts and let you peek at some of the clothes in my closet. Aren’t you excited? I am too……..

First Order of Business: Have I been talking too much? I am pretty sure I have been talking too much……

When I re-read my last post I thought, “Hmmmmm, this seems a smidge long…….”. After that, I looked at the “Stats and Insights” section of my site and saw I have written a total of 13,169 words in my posts and that my average words per post is 2,634. Whoahhhh! That seems ree-aally long! I am writing like I talk!

I wanted to get an expert opinion on “blog-length” so I asked Google How many word should you have in a blog post?” She took me to her friend Yoast.com who said, “Your blog post should always contain more than 300 words,”(Hah! We have that covered….) “….otherwise, your post will have too few words in order to rank in the search engines. If you’re an experienced writer you could write very lengthy posts containing more than 1000 words. Make sure structure and readability are flawless. If you aren’t the best writer, try to maximize the words of your post around 700-800.”

Yikes! I feel like I am that friend you invite to lunch and she spends the whole time talking and talking and talking about herself. When she finally takes a breath she says, “Enough about me!…….How do you think I am doing???” Not good. My dear ones, I know you are busy. You have places to go, things to do and as much as you want to be sweet and read everything I write to you, You Don’t Have All Day to Do It!!! I think I have to dial myself back.

I have a plan. I know this plan is a good one because it was suggested by my friend Holly. Holly is the Human Resources Director at our local Educational Services District and is brilliant. In order to do her job she has to be an expert at understanding kids AND grown ups. What a skill set!!! We are in good hands my friends. Here is the plan; instead of creating one weekly SUPER-LARGE post, I will break my words down into manageable sections and put out 3 or so smaller posts throughout the week. This is a WIN/WIN!!! The posts will be shorter and easier to read. You will have more time to smile and chuckle at my entertaining words. I will have smaller sections to edit and attempt to make “flawless”. We will see each other more often during the week and our relationship will grow in steady drips rather than in a weekly tidal wave. What do you think? Do you like it? Good!

This week you can expect to see three posts. First, you will see this one. Then, around Thursday, I will run an update about the Marcy jacket. At the end of the week there will be a post about marking pens. (Yes, I said “marking pens”…….trust me, it will be great!) Also, since we are a sewing blog it seemed imperative that I include something about sewing in each post. I will do that. Let’s try this change for three weeks and see how it works. If you have an opinion (good or bad) about it please make a comment and let me know.

Today, I am going to bring back the Butterick 6388 Sweater Dress and introduce you to her friends……

Remember in post two when I made a sweater dress from Butterick 6388? I told you I had used the pattern a number of times with different types of knit fabrics. I noticed, when I put the sweater dress in my closet all of the B6388s found each other and started hanging out together like they were GFF’s! (Garment Friends Forever) Here is a picture of them. (Clothes….hangers….”hanging out”………Hah!….I crack myself up!!!). Since they have developed such a strong bond I thought I would pull them out of the closet and let you take a look at them. Besides giving the GFF’s something to share on their Instagram page, this will show you different ways you can use B6388 in your own sewing. Personally, I love this pattern, it is super versatile and easy to sew (unless you make silk-tie pockets). It keeps me snugly warm in Winter and is fun and bright in Spring.

Meet the Makes…..

Here are the first two dresses I made using this pattern. I kept the collar the same and made patch pockets instead of inset. The Polka Dot is made out of heavy sweatshirt knit (from Marcy Tilton). The Elephant is out of sweatshirt fleece from a local fabric store (Sew Nice). There wasn’t enough stretch in the Elephant fleece so I added insets on the side with some stretchy black knit that I had and made the collar and sleeves out of the same fabric for accents.

Next, I made a top using a knit from Marcy Tilton for the body and then I cut up a shirt I had picked up at a thrift store for the collar and sleeve bands. I left out the pockets and played around with the collar so it would be more open. It is like a portrait collar but doesn’t end in a V. Does anyone know what it is called? During the time I made the top I discovered my deep love for zigzag so I accented the seams with a white zigzag stitch. I thought it would look cool contrasting the round polka dots.

Hanging next to the top is a dress made from scuba knit I bought in Miami when I was there for my nephew’s wedding. (He married a lovely girl!) The store I went to was the fanciest fabric store I have ever seen!!! It had chandeliers, jeweled trims and no pattern books. The salespeople stared at me like I was a dog at a wedding party (a cute dog, but none-the-less out of place!). The main reason I bought the fabric was to prove to the fancy-pants that worked there that I was able to do so. It was a double-dog dare to me. Luckily, I love the fabric and the experience was totally worth it. I made the dress with short sleeves, no pockets and no collar. It’s perfect for springy/cool-summer days. I had some orangey bias tape that I used to finish the neck edge and trim the sleeves and hem. A-dore-able!!! Later, I made another B6388 out of suba knit but it looked better on my Sewing Sister than me so it is hanging in her closet making a whole new set of Garment Friends. Also, spoiler alert (!) a vest from the pattern is cut out and sitting in a basket waiting to be made.

From the Gallery of Butterick 6388

Well my dear friends, it is time for me to stop talking. I think I am going to like this shorter length of blog post. Let’s see how it works out in part two when I give you an update on the Marcy Jacket. I will talk to you in a couple of days! Have a great week and let the joy in!

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3 thoughts on “Week Five in Three Parts: Organizing; Marcy-jacket Update; and Changing the World One Marking Pen at a Time.

  1. Shorter, but more often….good plan. Some of the pictures did not pull up for me. I don’t know if that’s on me or you? We are sooooo ‘techy’.


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