Week 5 Part 3: Changing the World One Marking Pen at a Time–While Making Your Projects Look Awesome!

Good Morning.

My sources of comfort…….

I am sick with a cold and feeling sorry for myself. A rotten little cold-troll latched on to me while I was editing the Marcy-Jacket update and I haven’t been able to shake it yet. At this moment, I am sitting in front of the computer wearing flannel pajamas, drinking coffee (I know it should be herbal tea–but I love coffee) and holding a box of Kleenex. Blehhh. Thank goodness this is an inspiring post. I need it. I can’t very well lead you into becoming your own walking sandwich board for happiness if I don’t perk up and climb on board the Choo-Choo Cheerful.

So, let’s leave the station……..

My Sewing Sister made this for me. It hangs on the door of my sewing room.

Today is an audience participation post. Of course, you can fake it and only pretend to participate. Will I know the difference? No. But I am going to imagine you happily joining in and creating something wonderful. Ooooh, it’s making me feel better already. Let’s get the tools you need and I will tell you how to use them.

Your tools to change the world, ladies and gentlemen!

Everything starts with proper tools. First, of course, you need a permanent marker. I recommend a fine tip but if you don’t have one, use whatever is lying in your junk drawer. You do want to make sure it is permanent and not so worn out and blunt that it doesn’t work. Surprisingly, I don’t recommend a fabric pen. I have had terrible luck with them. They are expensive, too thin and the writing looked goofy when I used them. A Sharpie is my tool of choice. Gathered your marking pen? Good.

Next, an old white pillow case and a pair of scissors that can cut fabric. At this point you can start deviating from the plan. You don’t have to use a pillow case and it doesn’t have to be white. Just grab something that is woven pretty tight, has a flat surface and is light enough for the ink to show.

This is soooo handy!!

How are you doing so far? Can you start to see where this is headed? Your final grab should be some fabric scraps. If you are already a sewer this is easy….use whatever is laying around. Left-overs from an old project; fat quarters from quilting; some cuttings off of fabric you bought with extra yardage; anything like that. If you are not a sewer, don’t despair. We still have this covered. Look around your house for things made of fabric that you wouldn’t mind cutting up. Dishtowels; thicker scarves; clothes your kids have outgrown; thrift-store items; a flannel shirt that an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend left at your house (the cad!); or your wonderful partner’s worn out “something” that you would love to get rid of (Honestly Honey, I don’t know what happened to it!). I wish you were at my house because you could dig through my scrap baskets and find something perfect…….but it’s okay. You are creative and resourceful. I have faith in you.

Oh! And an article of clothing. You need something that you would like to “inspire up” a little bit. This is where it gets fun. Go to your closet or clothing drawer and say “Hmmmm……” to yourself. What would you like to make better? It could be something you don’t wear much because it is too plain or something you wear all the time. In our first jump out of the gate I don’t recommend business wear or anything formal. You might move to that later but right now let’s keep it low-key and give you room to be creative. Currently, I am into flannel shirts, sweaters and recycled velvet. What did you get?? Again, it’s too bad we aren’t doing this together. But I guess in an internet-kind-of-way we are.

Getting to Work. Now that you have the tools, here are the directions. Ready? Cut a strip off the pillow case and write something inspiring on it. (I will give you ideas in a minute.) Cut a shape out of your fabric that appeals to you. It could be a square, circle, heart, flower, oval, rectangle or quadrilateral (I said that for my math teacher friends!). Or maybe a free-form cloud-thingy. The only rule is it should fit someplace on your garment and you shouldn’t hate it.

Next attach the strip of inspiration to your shape. Of course, you know I prefer zigzagging but you are not limited. You can sew your favorite stitch on the machine, hand-stitch, embroider, or attach it with glue. Not Elmer’s though….use a fabric glue or a hot glue-gun. If you use glue you might have to re-glue it later or be careful when you wash it, but I have hot-glued lots of things and been perfectly happy with the results. Once your strip is on tight, attach the fabric shape to your garment. I recommend pinning and checking the placement first so you don’t end up with a billboard sign right over an embarrassing part of your body. (Been there, done that!)

Now you are finished. Repeat after the Blog Dogs, “Voila!” Doesn’t that look cool!! And it’s super inspiring!!!! I’ll bet you can’t wait to wear it.

“Voila!!!!” Dunkin is sooooo proud of you.

If you got a little hung up on what to write I have ideas for you:

  • First, a single word that describes how you feel or what you want in life. I think lots of us have seen the following words used to inspire: Live; Laugh; Love; Loved; Joy; Blessed; Believe; Smile; Fierce; Inspire; etc.
  • A short phrase. Brevity is critical when you write your own messages. If I go too long, I end up with a smeary mess. I am using Love Wins as my go-to phrase this fall and winter. For different ideas, I Googled “short, short inspirational phrases” and saw “Look the world straight in the eye” (Helen Keller); Make things happen; You get what you give” (Jennifer Lopez); “Be the change” (Gandhi); “And still, I rise” (Maya Angelo) When words fail; music speaks (Shakespeare); Just Believe; Follow your Heart; and It is Well. You could use these ideas, or parts of them if they speak to you
  • Something that isn’t sappy. I love sappy. In fact, I thrive in sappiness. But I realize it isn’t for everyone. So, I found a Pinterest site called Sardonic Wisdom and grabbed a few ideas. They are; But first, coffee; Karma’s only a bitch if you are; “Be so good they can’t ignore you” (Steve Martin); Only boring people are bored; Make your own luck; Hug a dog.

Just pretend you are your own Hallmark Greeting Card writer (which I wanted to be when I was in 7th grade) and go for it! If you are so inclined, you could send me pictures of whatever you make. I would LOVE to see them.

Kristi’s Gallery of Inspiration:

Here are some things that I have “inspired up” in the past few months………….

Meet Veronica and Tanya. I wanted to show you how cute these inspiration pieces can look on real live people. Here are pictures of my friends Veronica and Tanya (otherwise known as, “V and T”). Adorable, huh? We have all been watching the series “The Chosen” and this is a quote from Isaiah that they used in the first episode, It made me bawl like a baby. Naturally, I decided to put it on a shirt……or three. Now we can be inspired and matchy-matchy anytime we feel like it.

Okay everyone, time to say “goodbye”. You know what, I feel better. Thank you for that. The physical part of me is still cold-infested but the inside emotional part is content. The sun came out and the daffodils are still blooming. I think I will get dressed and take the Blog Dogs for a run in the forest. Then, come home and go back to bed. Sounds like a full and lovely day. Take care. This week’s posts are complete. I will take a break for a few days and start back up Tuesday-ish. Next week I have a surprise for you. You will LOVE it!!!

Have a great weekend and remember, Life Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful.

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