We’re On Our Way…Wait, We’re Here!

Okay, we are packed. I took the Blog Dogs for a run this morning and hosed the top layer of mud off the car. It is time to head out!!! I woke up a little nervous. I have never actually done this before. I have traveled. I have sewn. But I have never traveled with the sole intent of sewing. Or planned to write about it. You know, this could end up a disaster. Ooorrrrrr, it could end up being the best thing ever!!! I am going to choose Door Number Two Monty. (You remember, Monty Hall from “Let’s Make a Deal”. And Monty’s sidekick, Carol Merrill? She was the bomb!!)

As we travel I thought we could learn a little bit about Bandon (I can’t help it, the teacher in me never dies).

It looks a little different now.

Bandon (or Bandon-on-the-Sea) is a seacoast town located on the South Oregon Coast, 90 miles north of the California border. The area of Bandon was originally inhabited by the Coquille Tribe. In 1851, gold was discovered at nearby Whiskey Run Beach by French Canadian trappers. In 1852, Henry Baldwin, from County Cork, Ireland, was shipwrecked on the Coos Bar Bar and walked into this area. He named Bandon after his hometown in Ireland.

In 1880, cheese making began. In 1885 Charles McFarlin planted cranberry vines he brought from Massachusetts. McFarlin had originally come to pan for gold in California but he did not make his fortune, or even a living, so he brought vines from Cape Cod and planted the state’s first cranberry bog. Ocean Spray still produces cranberries in Bandon today. They are dark red and really juicy.

Wasn’t that interesting? Learning is so fun.

I am thinking that the sparkling prose you are used to reading will be restricted once we hit Bandon. To connect with you, I packed my tablet and phone with the WordPress app. I am 87% sure I will be able to load pictures and make simple sentences. Anything beyond that will be a crapshoot.

Sights from our journey……

All of us loved the car ride.  What a gorgeous day!  By the time we got into Bandon it was after 5:00 and the stores were closed so we went to our hotel.

We’re Here!! I Told You They Liked Pets!

This is Bambi, she handled our check-in……

Sunset is the quintessential beach hotel. It has 70’s cedar paneling, a comfy bed, a place to cook and an amazing view of the beach. It’s dark now so I can’t show you the ocean, but in the morning we will go for a walk. Deal???

Meanwhile, The Machine is Ready!

I can’t wait!

Okay you guys, I am going to hit “publish” now. Wish me luck!! I’ll talk to you in a few days.

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