You are NOT going to believe what happened! AHHHHGGGG!

I left my sewing machine cords at home!!!

Well, poor thing is useless now. Might as well get it off the table and out of the way.

I know, I know! It changes everything. Yes, I re-checked the car. No, I am not going to quit. Now it’s like a double-dog dare. Will I stop when it gets tough? Run home with my tail between my legs? Of course not. I am creative, resourceful AND the room is already paid for. Necessity is the Mother of Invention, right? We can do this!

The Rundown of the Day. Let me break the day down a little so you can understand what happened……..

First. I got up, made coffee and took the dogs to the beach.

I even pick up rocks to start a new pattern weight collection. It was a great start to the day.

Second. Went to a thrift store.

The start of my shopping. Also perfect!

Bree’s resale was fabulous! It had amazing finds AND was super inspiring! The owner, Kathy started the store after her daughter contracted and survived cancer. She knew how important it was for people dealing with cancer to have help and support. And how challenging it can be when your insurance doesn’t cover all your needs. So Bree’s stands in the gap. Bree’s supplies wigs, funding, encouragement, support and funds cancer research. The store let’s people know they don’t have to face cancer alone.

Next stop. Sewing snacks. Bandon has shop called Cranberry Sweets. It is the Sugar Bomb!!

This place let’s you sample like a crazy-woman. And I did. I bought the carmel corn secret sampler. You don’t know what you get until you open it.

Final stop. To the quilt shop for pink thread.

Okay, this place is adorable!! And so friendly. They even have cookies and cider. I get my thread and found something that fits exactly with the project!

Come back to the hotel. Lay everything on the bed and get ready to sew…..

Can you guess what it will be?? Me neither!

Only I don’t start sewing. I can’t start sewing because I forgot to pack the cords to the machine. Do you see how everything happened? And how I can’t possibly quit or give up? The sewingjourney been amazing up until this point. I am not going to throw all that away. I’m going to sew the project by hand. Wish me luck.

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