A Dunkin Refashion; Follower Feature; and Some Sewing.

Who’s a filthy beast??? You’re a filthy beast!!!

Dunkin Gets a Refashion…..

Good Morning! The downside of taking the blog dogs running is everything gets filthy. The inside of the car gets filthy, the outside of the car gets filthy, and Dunkin gets filthy. I’ve been pretty good about washing the car but Dunkin is a mess. It is time for him to go to the groomers. I wanted Dunkin to get some extra care, so I took him to his “PPCP” Primary Pup Care Provider, Dr. Tammy at Countryside Veterinary Service. (I just wish I could put him on my Health Insurance!!) June is the Groomer at Countryside and she made him look adorable yet not embarrassingly cute. After all, Dunkin is all Alpha.

Awwwww, Who’s a good boy!!!!

Follower Feature

Dr. Tammy has taken care of my animals ever since she moved onto Days Creek Road 16 years ago. Until I moved away, we were neighbors. At first she worked in a small office on her ranch. Then she moved her practice 10 miles down the road and opened Countryside Veterinary Services in Canyonville. Just last year, she moved things 10 more miles down the road and opened second center in Myrtle Creek. Before you know it she will be all the way up and down I-5!! Dr. Tammy has kept my pets alive, healthy and occasionally held their paws and stroked their heads when it was time for them to cross over to the other side. Our kids went to the same schools. I love her humor and wit. She is more than a Veterinarian, she is a family friend.

This is Dr. Tammy. Isn’t she a doll!!!

Dr. Tammy also follows this blog. So I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I started to featured some of my followers?” You all are great people and really interesting. Why not connect everyone together in our very own Sewingjourney Community? I hope you like this idea. I think we could learn a lot about each other and share our talents, passions, and amazing personalities. What do you think?

Here are some pictures of Dr. Tammy’s Vet Centers. You can see her warmth and humor in the artwork, signs and faces of the people that work there. I adore everyone at Countryside. They love animals and the people that own animals. I am extra happy when my ex-students end up working there. It reminds me how connected the world is. Just like we can be in this blog.

A Collection of Capes.

Now let’s talk about sewing. I have noticed, when I create a piece it often has a ready-made set of brother and sister garments waiting for it in the closet. This was the case with the Traveling Cloak. So, I thought I would show you the whole collection. All the pieces are hand-made or refashioned. My desire is that the pictures will give you some ideas. Capes are such an easy make. Let me know if you decide to try one! The first set of pictures are all versions of Butterick 5819…..

The next pictures are a couple of upcycled items….

Okay my friends, that is it for today. You have some ideas for making and upcycling capes and I have a clean dog. Life is good. Take care and remember, “Life Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful.” See you in a few days.

Published by kristimcgree

Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

7 thoughts on “A Dunkin Refashion; Follower Feature; and Some Sewing.

  1. Your words are so kind. Thank you for your support of my business over the years too. Love Dunkin, even when he’s dirty!
    Looking forward to learning more about others who follow your journey.


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