A Valentine’s Day Upcycle and Time to Meet the Parents.

Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day!

I made a cute and easy upcycle for you yesterday to celebrate this Day of Luh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Ve. It took about 30 minutes and only required some spare red fabric and a cast-off little girls party dress. Let me show you……

I’ve had this stripped tunic for a while. It’s comfortable, fits perfectly and every time I pull it out of the closet I think “I would love to give this a little pop of something.” So instead of continuing to think about it, I did it. Oh-my-gosh it was simple! In fact, the longest part of the upcycle was deciding what to fabric to use on the heart. I had some bright pink rain-wear fabric; some red wool, some red knit and a little girls dress with a polka dot overlay. Becky (from the “Becky’s Pockets post”) was at my house and she recommended combining the red and polka dots. She said it would be a nice contrast to the blue stripes. Becky is a genius. It was a “Fling-Flang-Flongo-Finished” project. I cut a heart from the knit. Put the overlay over the heart, pinned to keep it straight and cut it a smidgen larger with pinking shears. (Boy those shears are coming in handy!!) Stitched the polka dot overlay to the heart and then stitched the whole shebang to the tunic (I went over the first set of stitching lines). Then I put it on and felt adorable. See why I love doing upcycling and refashions? They are so fast and easy!!! If you want a little extra “pop” this Valentine’s Day pull something out of the closet and add a pretty heart. It will make your heart sing and feel special.

Marcy Jacket Update.

Meh. I am at a place that requires ripping and re-sewing. Let’s talk about it another day…

Meet the Parents

This is Viv and Clyde. What a cute couple!! Notice the footstool in front? Mom and Dad made that together. Total 70’s vibe!!!! And it weighed a ga-jillion pounds!

My dear friends, we are officially at our 7th week and 16th post!!! I think our relationship has progressed to the level where it is time to meet my parents…..through sewing.

First Vivian:

This is my mom at a craft fair in Walla Walla. Doesn’t she look sweet!!! She and Dad would load up the RV and off they would go. Notice her rocking-awesome pants!!

You have heard me talk some about my mom and how she taught and influenced my sewingjourney. My mom was an amazing seamstress. I have 2 of her garments. Would you like to see them? Mom was a true crafts-women. She painted, tatted, crocheted, knitted, sewed clothing and made amazing quilts.

As you can see, Vivian (or “Viv” as her friends called her) was a much better seamstress than I…..she never “schmicked” anything!! However, there are some definate qualitites I inherited from her. From her I acquired a love of textures and details. Do you notice the little pom-poms at the bottom of the wool cape? When I saw that I shrieked, “So that’s where I learned to love pom-poms!!!” And then I remembered dresses with rick-rack, adorable collars and an amazing pair of Coca-Cola pants she made me in Middle School. Mom was one of those gifts I just thought everyone had. I miss her and am so glad you got to see a little bit of her through sewing.

Now Clyde

This is my dad, Clyde. His friends called him “Clydie-baby”!

My dad did not sew. But he supported and encouraged my mom AND the guy could build anything. I want to show you a garment I made this fall that reminds me of Dad. It started out as a dress but developed a life of its own and by the time I was finished I looked JUST LIKE my dad’s favorite bathrobe.

The project started out as another Butterick 6388 lap collar dress, made with red velvet. I know…….it looks nothing like it! Here is what happened. I wanted to add a hood. So I took off the lap collar and stole a hood pattern from the capes I have been working on. Then I thought, “The hood should be lined inside……With animal print!!!” I scoured the sewing room and found a velour-ish knit top (maybe it was Ann Klein??) in the perfect pattern, from a thrift store. I lined the hood. Then I added patch pockets, and lined and trimmed them with the animal print. After that I took it to my Sewing Sister who said, “It reminds me more of a jacket. What if you cut it down the middle?” I cut it down the middle and added trim on each side. Since it had trim down the middle it needed trim around the bottom. (You have no idea how long it took to cut all those strips out of the top. By the time I was finished there was nothing left but 2 black cuffs!) At that point I stepped back and said, “This looks like my dad’s bathrobe!!” I pieced together a few hearts with the remaining animal print and the jacket/bathrobe was born!

Dad had a red velour bathrobe with animal print trim. He totally owned the look. Crew cut, side burns and 6 foot 4 inches. If there had been a runway in Richland he could have walked it with pride. I loved Dad’s bathrobe because he was always so happy when he wore it. In fact, when I posted the jacket/Dad’s bathrobe on Facebook, old family friends brought up their memories. Kristi Spohr said, “I can remember your dad in that bathrobe drinking his special drink……what was that???” (It was a Harvey Wallbanger) And Jack Stanfill wrote, “I remember your dad in that bathrobe playing penny-ante poker at The Lake (where we shared a cabin with the Spohrs when I was a kid). Those were good times my friends.

Besides learning to sew from my parents, I learned to have a lot of fun…..

Mom, Dad and our little dog Heidi.

Goodbye dear friends! It has been great spending this time with you. Take care and I will see you in a few days.

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Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

8 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Upcycle and Time to Meet the Parents.

  1. Loved reading about you folks. My mom too was a great seamstress. She started in a sewing factory in 1949. Her job was to put pockets and collars on and she got paid by the piece. She was fast and good. She made all of her own clothes and put lining on so many things. She taught me how to sew, but I wasn’t very good at it.


  2. Thank you for this wonderful introduction to your amazing parents. We are all blessed to have memories and I’m so thankful you shared yours….and with pics! Love that! You reminded me of my Granny who was a seamstress and did so for a living! I always loved receiving her gifts.
    Love your blog, my friend.


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