With All This Poo There Has to Be a Pony……

Yes, this does relate to sewing!

Good Morning. There is a story credited to the late President Reagan that goes like this……

A family had two sons. One son was a dyed-in-the-wool pessimist, the other an incurable optimist. The boys’ parents feared that each had an unrealistic outlook on life so they consulted a Specialist. The Specialist came up with a plan. He brought the two boys to his office and placed the pessimistic child in a room that was piled to the ceiling with toys, games, electronics and all the latest Virtual Reality gadgets. “This is sure to lift his spirits!” the Specialist promised. Then he placed the optimistic child in a room piled with horse manure and handed him a tiny toy shovel. “I can assure you, this will bring him down from his pink cloud.” the Specialist said.

After a while the Specialist and parents checked on the boys. The first son was sitting in the middle of the room with toys, games and gadgets sobbing and wailing loudly. “What-ever are you doing?” they asked him. “Wahhhhh!” said the boy. “I love all these toys but I can’t play with them because I know that someone will come tell me I have leave! And then I’ll be S-A-A-A-D!!!” The Specialist shrugged and took the parents to the room that held their other son. When they walked in, they found the boy standing on top of the manure pile, smiling and digging away with his tiny toy shovel. “What are you doing?” they asked “Oh Momma and Pappa!” replied the child, “With all this poo I just know there is a pony!”

So the question is, which child will you be??????

Marcy Jacket Update:

The V9287 Marcy Jacket.

This story relates to my current experience with the Marcy Jacket Vogue 9287. It has been a bit of a trial. I feel like I need to emphasis that I am not using this post to diss the Marcy Jacket, or Vogue Patterns or (heaven forbid!) Marcy herself. I just ran into a little snafu and had to adjust both my actions and attitudes.

The Poo: There is a place in the directions where two pattern pieces get misnumbered. Piece 8 is labeled at 2 and piece 2 is labeled as 8. This means I sewed a side piece (facing) onto the bottom and a bottom piece on to the side. I also connected those pieces to others AND finished the combined edges with bias tape. Ahhhg.

Ultimately, I had to figure out how to dismantle my work, and decide what kind of attitude I would have while I did the dismantling.

The Pony: I decided to land on the good attitude and here is why. First, the mistake in the garment taught me that is is better to trust my instincts than blindly follow a set of directions. When I was putting the wrong pieces together I knew that something was off. But I was sure I was following the directions so I went blithely ahead. It said, “Connect piece 2 to piece 7 and that is what I did.” I could tell that piece 2 was too narrow, and it looked kind of weird but I didn’t trust myself. If I had trusted my instincts and really thought about how the entire garment needed to fit together I would known those weren’t the correct moves. Also, in defensive of V9287 the pieces were only mis-numbered but not mis-named. It would have been easy to figure out the correct move if I had focused on what the pieces were rather than just their numbers.

Which takes me to the second positive. Dealing with the error upped my sewing game. I am not very “spatially oriented” so I tend to think in a 1-2-3 mode. I put the numbers together pretty much the way they tell me. I don’t think about the whole garment until I am finished. Dismantling and putting back together the jacket facings helped to think and see a new way. I will be a better sewer after fixing the mistake than I was before I made it. And that is a pretty good pony.

Here are some pictures of what I have done:

Giddy Up…….

A Gift for a Friend.

These will be cozy and cute!

I was in Joann’s this weekend and became struck with inspiration. Queen Bee gloves!! Let me tell you the story. I have a friend named Laura who is principal of a middle school. (Yes, she is a brave and fearless woman.) Their School Mascot is, “The Hornets”. Laura’s campus is pretty spread out and she is always having to travel outside to do some principal-ish thing; like provide supervision; check on an activity; talk to staff member, or solve the latest pre-teen kerfluffle.

Well, Joann’s had those little knit gloves that you can stuff in your pockets right next to the check stand. They were marked down to a ridiculously low price. I stared at the gloves and….. Tah Dah (!!)….. I realized I could use them to make Laura a cute and practical present. Here is what I did.

First, I bought the gloves. Then I went home and pulled out some embroidered mesh that had been sitting in my closet. The design on the mesh is……..Bees!! So I slapped on a bee, wrote a encouraging saying (Middle Schoolers need to reminders) and made a thoughtful gift. I am a good friend like that.

I had to alter my original “vision” of the gloves because I was sewing with the machine and there wasn’t room for a lot of decorating. I made one bee coming and one bee going and then stitched “Bee Nice” on the bottom side of the cuff.

Circling Back With the Pony.

Awwwww! It’s starting to look like a real jacket.

I finished attaching and pressing all the facings. All I have left to do is slip-stitch them in place. I love how the jacket is starting to look and the extra fussing was totally worth it!! Next time we will move to the sleeves.

Goodbye my dear friends. Take care and I will see you in a few days. And as always, “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. “

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Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

8 thoughts on “With All This Poo There Has to Be a Pony……

  1. I love the story and the effort with the jacket. Something similar happen to me. I was asked to pickup a friend from the Eugene Airport,no problem. Her flight was delayed so I had to travel in the dark in busy traffic with light glaring in my face. Since it had been awhile since I made the trip I turned too soon. I got a text but could not check since I am driving. I knew something was not right as I could see the airport over to my right. So I calmly find a place to pullover, check my phone (of course her plane had landed) and change my direction. I was able to find the cell area before she was fully really to be picked up. I believe God will help me stay on course and help me change when I need too.
    I know Laura and think she is pretty amazing myself.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As usual you are spot on with your story telling!!! I hate directions for sewing hate patterns that being the case, don’t use them much… but I am so glad your conquering them!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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