A Beautiful Busy Thursday. (Spreading Joy Through Random Acts of Sewing)

Good Morning! It is bright and cold and glorious this morning. No time for lollygagging. We have stuff to do and things to make….

Shilo’s Blanket or How to Be Thoughtful in Under an Hour…..

This is Shilo, smart-as-a-whip and a great mom!!!

First, We need to get ready for a baby shower. We have about 2 hours. On the upside, I am awake. On the other side, I am still paddling around in pajamas (don’t tell on me!) and I have nothing made. Although I contributed to a wonderful “big” gift for Shilo’s Shower, I feel that a girl who writes a sewing blog is expected to show up with something thoughtful and home made. Fortunately, I have a plan.

Tyler and Brandon’s grandma’s shop……

Yesterday on my way home I stopped at an adorable fabric store called “Sew Cute.” This store is owned and operated by the grandmother of two of my ex-students. In fact, the only name I know for the owner is” Tyler and Brandon’s Grandma”. I stopped in and told her about the baby shower. After we caught up on the boys, their jobs, new babies and families, T and B’s Grandma (and her mother, T and B’s Great-Grandma) helped me pick out some pink flannel. With this flannel, I am plan to make the worlds quickest and easiest baby blanket. I will also use some cute cotton print from my closet (1996 no less!) It has an early reader Dick-and-Jane vibe which will be perfect because Shilo is from my teacher-world. Like I said, the clock is ticking. Let’s see how quick we can whip this baby out. It is exactly 10:25. Ready? Set? Sew!……

Time! It is 11:10. It took 35 minutes; which included pressing, pinning, threading the machine and adding a couple of heart appliques (of course they were hearts!). That was quicker than running to Costco. The baby shower starts at 12:00. I have just enough time to get dressed, stop at “Sew Cute” to show them the blanket and make it to the party. I will let you know how everything went.

Awwww, it was so sweet! The ladies at the District Office (where Shilo works) decorated the staff-room with pink table-cloths and spring flowers, made yummy food, and everything was super nice. I get to hang out with the nicest people!!!!!!

Laura’s Gloves

Shirley has it going on!!!

On the way home I stopped at Coffenberry Middle School to drop off Laura’s “Bee Nice” gloves. Laura was busy being principal-ly so her secretary Shirley stepped in as hand model. Shirley is a secretary-extraordinaire and Momma-Bear to all Middle School Students. She is the bomb! Also I promised to make her a pair of gloves.

A Blog Dog Interlude.

After I got home it was time to take the Blog Dogs for a run. The cat insisted that I get them out of the house for a while! In our traveling, We found a new spot to share with you. Just follow Dunkin…..

You go under, over, and around some fallen trees. At the clearing, veer right. Work your way through some brush……….

And this is waiting for you!!

Spectacular view huh?

Even though I am biased, I believe there is nothing prettier than Oregon Spring. It’s like the world comes alive and bursts open in all of the shades of green. Sitting on this bank it is impossible for me to believe anything other than, “God is amazing.”

Tom’s Teeshirt

We have one last thing to do before the day is over. Make Tom’s teeshirt. Tom belongs to Celebrate Recovery with me. One of the special things about Tom is he hands out rubber bracelets that say “Hope Dealer” at all of our meetings. You will see all kinds of people wearing them around town. I told Veronica (Tom’s wife) that if she gave me one of his shirts I would put “Hope Dealer” on the front. I just finished……

Well my dear friends, it is 10:14 pm. Whew, what a day!!! Time to say good night. Have I told you how wonderful you are??? Take care and I will talk to you in a few days.

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