Our Sewing Stay-cation Day 1

Good Morning!!

The coffee is hot. Hope you like it strong!!

Hi everyone, the more I think about turning our Sewingjourney into a Stay-cation the more excited I get. Many of you don’t know much about where I live or what I do so this will be a great way to become more familiar with each other.

I thought we would start the day sitting in the back yard sipping coffee. The sun is shining but the weather report predicts rain (it’s Oregon) so we had better grab the rays while we can.

This will be our personal morning retreat. I hope you are okay with Dunkin sharing your lap!

Your Accomodations:

We will be staying at the lovely Chateau McGree. It’s a charming place nestled amidst the Lookingglass Creek region. I must warn you, the daily housekeeping staff is a bit……..lax. But the owner has given us full access to the premises.

Today’s Plan:

Once you feel ready, we will go into Roseburg. Our objective is 3-fold. We want to find materials; gain inspiration and acquire sewing snacks.

Here is my local newspaper. Our mission is to accept reality but not freak out.

COVID-19: If you have been following the news you might have read that Oregon is in the midst of COVID-19 precautions. Douglas County (where I live) has one reported case. At a leadership conference I once heard an interesting statistic about how people respond during times of difficulty and crisis. Ten percent (10%) of people move into roles of positive leadership; 80% of people follow the leaders; and 10% of people lose their minds and behave badly. Since then, I have always asked myself “What group am I in?” when faced with difficult situations.

In this case, I am part of the 80%. And I am good with that. Several times in my life I have had to be at the helm in tough situations. I always appreciated the people who supported me, gave good guidance and assistance, and allowed me to lead. This time I am not at the helm. So I have done my best to support the leaders I know (especially the ones in schools who are having to close down); give guidance and assistance when asked; and stay in my own lane so the leaders can lead. I like being a leader but I am also perfectly okay being a follower.

What this means for us is we are going to do what our state and local leaders have asked. I am only going to take you to places that practice great sanitation and are uncrowded. We wont be in any big lines and let’s wash our hands before we leave and after we return. I also have 65% hand sanitizer in the car if you want to use it.

Back From Our Travels……

It’s a good thing too. In the last half hour it has rained; snowed and hailed. That’s our Oregon Springtime!!! The trip to Roseburg was quite productive. Let me give you a run-down.


We took the back road to Roseburg that takes us along Lookingglass Road and through the community of Lookingglass. It was gorgeous. One of the things you will see on this road are lots of sheep. In my mind, sheep and Spring go hand in hand. I love to see the lamb-babies scampering across the green fields bleating and crying for their mommas. It is so sweet. It is just starting to be lamb season now.

The Materials

I decided to take you to “Sew Nice” quilt and fabric shop because they are just so darn nice!!! Also, the ladies that work and sew there keep the place spotless and wiped down, so you can feel completely secure shopping.

After looking around and thinking about my inspirational images I bought this…….

I purchased flannel and wool scraps. I’ll bet you can’t wait to see what it becomes!!

The Snacks…..

Coffee and chocolate. Whooo hooo!

The main rule for this stay-cation is NO Carmel-Corn!!! I about overdosed on the stuff when we went to Bandon and still can’t look at brown sugar without feeling woozy. For today’s treats I ran to one of my favorite Starbucks.

This is enough to carry us through today. Tomorrow I thought we could take advantage of having the kitchen available at Chateau McGree. I will make you Guatemalan Breakfast Cookies. Cookies and coffee for breakfast!!!!! I can’t think of anything more civilized.

Okay my friends, Mitzie and Dunkin say that there is nothing is better than a nap during a rainstorm. I think they are right and I am going to join them. The start of our sewing Stay-cation has been awesome. We have materials; inspiration and snacks. Next we start to sew. Stay tuned, there is more to come!!!

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Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

4 thoughts on “Our Sewing Stay-cation Day 1

  1. I love the daffodils. My yard has a row of the little purple agapanthus flowers that remind me of my Mom. All part of God’s way of coloring the world for us.


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