One Stitch at a Time…..

Good Morning!!!

Here is Mitzie and Dunkin with some Stay-at-home advice for mornings: “Just because you wake up doesn’t mean you have to get up……. No need to hurry.”

Hi everyone, this was my first view this morning so I thought I would share it with you. How is everyone??? We are all good at the McGree home. I’m not sure if you noticed that I haven’t had pictures of Mocha lately so I guess I should let you know that she passed away. It was sad, and kind of tragic and I didn’t want to load anyone down, so I didn’t share. But things are better and I guess it is time I let you know. I loved her like crazy and I know she is now romping happily in the place where all dogs go.

A Happy Accident with B6248

Let me tell you what happened with the Butterick 6248 version B. I made a mistake cutting it out. I told you a couple of posts ago that I was going to have to veer from the pattern but I didn’t expect to quite as much as I did. Let me show you what happened…..

Version B is on the left side of the pattern and you can see it has a definite high-low cut at the hemline. When I was stitching the right front and back together I noticed It didn’t line up right but I just forged ahead (yes, the story of my life……). And, honestly it didn’t look too bad on the stitched up side (picture 2). However, the un-stitched side told a very different story. A story that started with “What in the world did I do?…….” How many of you already figured out where I went wrong???

I cut the wrong length on the front pieces!!! Out of habit I cut the length for views C and D and forgot to follow the new lines for view B. Dang-nabbit!!! So now the question is, “What do I want to do about this??????”

Well, what if I liked the new/old/wrong length? Should I keep it or follow the pattern? I put on the top and tried both options…..

The thing about a high-low top is it often hits at my least favorite area……the whole thigh-hip region. And my thigh-hip region is well…….shy. In fact, my thighs and hips were thrilled with the longer length. So the mis-cut was a happy accident. I had to do a little adjusting. I laid the back against the front piece so I would have a similar curve. And I no longer needed the lining for the godet (back V-shaped piece) so I cut that out.

I want to tell you a little about the godet and then I’ll show you the almost finished garment….

Godets told me that a godet is “a triangular piece of material inserted in a dress, shirt, or glove to make it flared or for ornamentation.” It also told me that it is pronounced “go-det” which was really helpful because I have been saying it wrong. I was a little sad I couldn’t find a wealth of history about godets but I know it is from the gusset and gore family and they have been around since the 1300’s. Hence, I was pretty excited that it was included in the B6248 top. Let me assure you that making a godet is NOT hard. At All! You cut out a triangle and stitch it to the sides of the missing triangle in the back piece. It was like putting a missing puzzle piece in the right spot with thread. I was a little nervous about stitching the point but it went together as slick as a melting ice cube.

Here is my first effort, and I have to tell you I am pretty darned pleased. It’s all cute and swingy……..makes my rear feel all cute and swingy too!

See the little bit of extra flounce? Sweet huh?

Okay, that’s it. Here is one last view of the top. All it needs is hemming. And I think I will add some lace. It’s the last of my EFG’s (Easy Fun Garments). Even though it had a few hiccups those were all operator errors. And……it was still lots of fun!

Here is the almost-finished top. I need to hem it and I think I will add some black lace….what do you think???

A Few Follower Notes:

As you know, you are all on my mind and heart. I wanted to focus on a few members of our Sewingjourney community. First, I wanted to mention Bev, Lynn and Marilyn. We all grew up together in Richland and graduated together from Hanford High. Bev and Lynn are in Washington State and as you know, that was the first state in the US to experience the outbreak of Covid 19 and it’s impact on the population. Marilyn is in California, near LA and her state has the third highest number of cases in the country. I am sure they are thinking about their friends and loved ones and would appreciate it if we keep them in our hearts (and if you are a praying person—you can do that too!)

Several of our followers: Tammy, Diana, Cheryl, Cheryl (there are two of you!), Beverly, Holly, Laurie, Myrt, Annie, Jennifer, Gloria, and Angie are here in Douglas County Oregon. We are all staying home, practicing social distancing and doing our part to “flatten the curve” in Oregon. Duella is on the Oregon Coast and keeps all of us entertained by her hilarious Facebook posts.

For our WordPress followers I send great affection and care. You are all scattered around the country and world but you are also here in my heart. I know that Chris at Thepleinaireexperience had a rotten thing occur while moving and if you want to go to her site and give her a note of encouragement it might make her day. I think some of you are in New York and I hope that you are safe, healthy and in a stable place. For our friends overseas, I pray for best outcomes.

I labeled this post, “One stitch at a time.” which was a phrase my sewing sister used. In recovery circles they say you can get through life “One Day at a Time.” When we try to think through or understand everything it makes us crazy. We can’t read the future and we can’t change the past. But we can deal with today. So my friends, let’s take it one stitch and one day at a time.

Gloria’s Goats…..

I wanted to end this section with pictures from one of my favorite followers, Gloria. Gloria lives on a farm here in Douglas County where she raises chickens, sheep and goats. It’s baby season and Gloria has been sharing pictures. She said I could share with you. Here you go………..

Some of the proud grown-ups!
New Life!!!!
There is always a good reason to hope in the future!!!

Okay Everyone, it’s time to say, “Goodbye!” Keep keeping on. Do Good and Spread Hope. I love you.

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Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

7 thoughts on “One Stitch at a Time…..

  1. I love the way this garment looks on you. I am curious of the material you used. Is it polyester or a special fabric? I see the decorations look as if they are made to look like they are maybe quilted? It is beautiful by the way, fit for a queen. The baby goats are so very cute. ❤

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  2. I would wear that top in a minute!!! All my tops are that length, I love it. What a great way to start and end a wonderful post with adorable pets and goats, it made me smile. 🌸


  3. What I want to know is how HUGE your closet is to hold all of these creations?!?! Thanks for sending positive thoughts down to So. Cal…Hoping to get moved into my new sewing room soon to make positive use of the “furlough” time! You are so inspirational.

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