Do Good; Spread Hope; Fear Not

Good Morning!!

Did you see the Pink Supermoon on Tuesday? It was pretty incredible, huh? I did a little research and found out that the full moon in April is always known as the Pink Moon. Not because it is pink but because it appears as the North American wildflower, Phlox Subulata (“moss pink”) comes into bloom. Also, Easter always follows after the April full moon. I like the symmetry of that, the star for Christmas, the moon for Easter. Moons are called a “Supermoon” when the moon is within 90% of perigee — which is its closest approach to Earth in orbit. This moon is the super-est of the Supermoons because it is the closest one to the earth all year.

The sky was so clear on Tuesday that it almost took my breath away. I was just walking, minding my own business and there was the moon–bright, early and beautiful. The next morning echoed the beauty so I thought I would show you some pictures from my garden.

Since I have been stitching “Do Good; Spread Hope; and Fear Not” on anything that will sit still I thought I would break this post down into those ideas…..

Do Good….

Isn’t it weird that the most effective good we can do right now is stay home??? To me, its counter-intuitive. I’m used to people showing up; jumping into action; giving hugs; and at the very least bringing a casserole. This is so different. I was really grateful when our Governor reminded us that staying home might not feel like much, but it was the most helpful thing we could do for our neighbors. I admire and honor all of the heroes that are out in the world taking care of health and essential business. I don’t want to do anything to make their jobs harder.

Speaking of good and essential, here are the promised pictures from Dr. Jacqi and her staff!!! I am as pleased as all get-out with how the shirts turned out!!! Don’t they look awesome!!

Spread Hope……

I laugh at myself because I feel like it is my civic duty to “Heart” and “Like” every single picture I see on social media. Since I was once a principal I have a lot of contacts with students, parents and community members. So I “heart” and “like” anything they put out…..The pictures of seniors who are suddenly finished with school; craft projects of people who are discovering new talents; any and all home-made masks; funny memes; pictures of nature and places we once traveled; Tik-Tok dances; inspirational sayings; and adorable pet videos…..Whew!!!! It keeps a girl busy!

I also started making masks. One of our local rehab centers wanted to provide enough masks for their 50 employees with extra sets to wash and dry each evening. Even though it seems like the whole world is making masks they were having trouble getting their hands on some. So I promised to make 50. Thus far, I have 25 finished. I am going to tell you right now—-my masks are not the cute adorable ones you see on Facebook or Instagram. But they are sturdy as all get-out. I figured they had to go through a hot wash and dry every other day so I wanted them to stand up. I hope they do. I got the directions from St Francis Health Care. Here is the link: .

In my sewing, I experimented with a lot of different methods to make ties. I thought double fold bias tape was the best material but it ran out fast (you need 18 inches for each tie). After that, I played around with single fold bias tape and making my own ties from a pillow case. For me, a folded tie (that I stitched down) was much more effective than a tube-style tie. If you want to make masks or have any questions you can always comment to me and I will happily tell you what I know.

The best thing about these masks are the fabrics they are made of. I used quilting fabric that belonged to my mom’s Sewing Sister, Charleen. When Charleen passed away her son, Jack, gave me her stash of fat quarters. I have 2 or 3 bins of them. I have treasured the fabric and waited for just the right project for them. This is the project. Each of the masks has the spirit of Charleen and my mom in them. What could be more hopeful than that!

Fear Not

Fear is a weird thing. It has a very real function for alerting us to danger, yet it has to be overseen and ruled by our higher cognitive functions like reason; logic; confidence in things worthy of confidence and discernment. I think I wrote this before; but the Bible tells us not to fear approx 365 times. Enough for each day of year. It’s not that we won’t feel fear….that seems to be hard-wired into us. And it is certainly not wise or helpful to ignore or diminish the impact of sickness, suffering or death on anyone. In fact, it strikes me as heartless. But somewhere in the middle space, I can choose not to let fear rule me.

Does that relate to sewing?? Kind of. It also relates to walking outside, reaching out to friends and family, counting blessings and remembering that my inconvenience is wa-a-a-y different than suffering. When I am connected to sewing, creating, and paying attention to growing and living things, it cuts through the fog of “in-my-head” fearfulness. It connects me to what is and reminds me to be joyful with life while I have it. There is a quote from Leo Buscaglia that goes, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it just saps today of its joy.” I love that, don’t you?

Before I say good-bye I’ll close out with two sewing pictures. The first is my finally completed Butterick 6248 top. I finished it by adding eyelash lace to the hem and cuffs and some pockets. The other is a throw-back picture of Easter when I was a little girl. Mom made the dress and I made the hat.

Happy Easter and Passover everyone. I think you are wonderful!!!

I will talk to you soon.

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Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

6 thoughts on “Do Good; Spread Hope; Fear Not

  1. That’s great! Fear not! Rock on! I hope to join the mask makers real soon. I’d have done it before except my life was kind of messed up temporarily. It’s not too late for me to make a contribution since they’re expecting the worst of it to be here in a couple weeks. Good idea about putting encouraging words on the ties. I’ll do that too if I can.

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