How the GG became a NESP** (translation below)

Good Morning!!

Your “good morning” picture is one from Tuesday night. It is Venus hanging out by the moon. I read that Tuesday was the brightest night of the year to see Venus. It sure was pretty.

What Is an NESP??? One of the residual effects of being an educator is my abiding love of acronyms. I just cant help myself. Any time I can make up a word by using letters from other words I am in heaven. So let me translate the title….. Remember the red satiny metallic blouse I wrote about last week? the Simplicity 8693? I labeled it a GG (Growth Garment) because it had facings, lots of interfacing, a collar; one dropped open shoulder and ravel-ly edges that I bound with silk bias tape that I made from ties. Whew. Let’s all agree it was (and still is) a lot.

Look at it sitting so sweet and innocent. You would never know that it was making me CRAZY!!!!

Well, somewhere along this sewing journey the blouse stopped being a Growth Garment and morphed into an NESP (**”Never Ending Sewing Project”). In fact, just minutes ago, I had to abandon the plan for the hem, cut off the binding around the bottom of the blouse and now I have a furry fray-y mess. Big Sigh.

However, I do have some cool things to show you with this top. First, even though I am semi-stalled for awhile, I am really proud of all the seam and edge binding I did. I think it is Claire Schaffer (couture seamstress and frequent Threads contributor) that talks about making the inside of your garment as pretty as the outside. (Whenever I read that, I try not to roll my eyes like a 16 year old.) However, the binding does look pretty rocking on this top. I might be tempted to try to wear this blouse inside out–except it is so much gold I would look like I escaped from Midas’ warehouse—or that I was a refugee from Doctor Goldfinger’s island. Anyhoo, I do like how pretty all of the seams and edges look.

Also, I went off script with the sleeve. Not totally off-script, just a little. Instead of gathering the sleeve at the sleeve band, (which I thought would be messy and a pain because of the fray-y edges) I made a soft pleat. It was really easy to do and I love the effect. If you want to try a pleat on your sleeve this is what you do: Instead of gathering the sleeve start at the bottom seam and pin your sleeve flat into the band. When you get half-way up pull the excess fabric together and make a pleat. Turn your pleat to the back of your sleeve and pin. Stitch everything down flat. I stitched twice at the pleat to make sure it would hold.

Okay, now that we have looked at some good features of the blouse I am ready to explain my stall out. I thought I was about finished. I put in my sleeves, made the pleat, stitched the bands. Everything was ready to go. Also, to be really cool I decided to bind the bottom of the blouse before I hemmed it. I should have smelled trouble when I realized I put the binding on the wrong side and I would have to turn the hem up twice. But I went blithely on, sure I could make everything work (I know, story of my life….)

Everything was hunky, everything was dory and then I tried the blouse on. Ahhhhhhgggggg! It was too tight at the bottom!!! And not just a little, “Oh, I can lose a couple of pounds” too tight. But awkward, uncomfortable, “this thing doesn’t fit!!!!” too tight. Also, when I added the binding I eliminated any and all give that the blouse might have had at the bottom. What to do?!?!?

First, I took a deep breath, cut the binding off the bottom and I walked away. I put the top back on the mannequin and took a break. Both the blouse and I need a little “time out” from one another. I know what I will do, eventually. I am going to open up one side, connect the open area with some straps that match the strap at the shoulder and make the hem a tad more angled. I’m also going to put interfacing on the bottom of the blouse to help hold the frays in check (idea from Sewing Sister). In my mind it looks like it all goes together. We will see how it looks on the blouse.

Also, I said we would do an in-depth discussion on under-stitching. Can we hold off on that until the blouse and I are on speaking terms? How about next week?

The Promised Creative Stuff

Since the Growth Garment and I are at a teeny tiny stand-still I’ll tell you about some fun upcycles I’ve been working on. If you look, you will notice a resounding theme of eyelet lace. I don’t know why, but something about eyelet hollers “Spring Is Here!!!”. It’s just so gosh darn happy looking. Like meadows and flowers and little baby schmootkins. Let me show you………

Eyelet on the bottom is from “the Mill End” in Portland. Trim around the sleeves are from recycled linens.

So I started by adding lace to one of my inspirational tees. It was quick, easy and I thought pretty cute…….

After the lace tee I wondered, “Could you use a vintage tea towel with this design? How would it look??” This is what I came up with. I had to piece together the oversized pockets but that was pretty fun. Like building your own puzzle. This time I added lots of lace on the bottom and made the tee a sun dress.

Finally, I wondered how it would all look with tie dye. My youngest son came over one day and we made a million-and-a-half tie dye tee shirts. I (again) wondered, “Could you use a tie dye shirt with this design? How would it look??” This is what I came up with. I finished the dress just in time to wear for my son’s 31st birthday. He was impressed by the tie dye. It’s his dad’s and my fault that he likes tie dye so much. We raised him like a little baby hippie when we lived in Days Creek. When he wasn’t wearing tie dye he was very likely running around in the buff with out his diaper on. (don’t tell him I told you that story!!!)

As I looked at the pictures I think the green eyelet is a little too stark and not super flattering in the derriere area. I think it will a slight adjustment. I have an idea. Let’s see how it turns out when I post next week.

Okay everyone, I am out of words and room! Also, I think it is time for the red blouse and I to reconcile and give ourselves one more try at making a go with our Growth Garment. I’m pretty sure I know what to do. I guess I will show you when I write next week.

Take care. Stay safe. Make the most of your time at home. And remember: “Life Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful. I love you all!

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