I Should Have Known Better…..The Heartbreak of Cheap Fabric.

Good thing to know, huh?

Good Morning!

First let me clarify, when I talk about “cheap fabric” I’m not talking about inexpensive fabric. I adore inexpensive fabric, and for the most part, inexpensive fabric has been kind and careful with my heart. Instead, I am talking about cheaply-made fabric. The kind that sucks me in with a cute print and then leaves me crushed and alone when I realize it can never stand up to the commitment of a long-term relationship. You know, like those cute-fun-totally-irresponsible boys we dated in our youth. Dare I call this, “One Night Stand Fabric”????

Case in point, the kitty-cat pajamas I just finished. I should have known. It was a few weeks ago in the middle of our COVID-19 shut down. I was at the Big Box store that shares my middle name with Sewing Sister (because fabric is an essential business….darn right it is!) and I hadn’t seen her or been anywhere but a grocery store in ages! We were wearing our masks, maintaining social distance, and I was thrilled to be out! Everything I looked at seemed new, bright, shiny and wonderful. As I walked past, the kitty cat fabric meowed, posed adorably on its pink background and said “We want to snuggle on the couch with you, Kristi. Wouldn’t we make wonderful pajamas?” And they were on sale.

This is a close-up of the kitty cat pj’s before they broke my heart. Totally cute, right?

I grabbed the bolt; stuttered though my mask, “One and a half yards please.” to the kind woman behind the cutting counter; and made this ill-conceived purchase without a second thought. (Again, it was a lot like how I dated those cute-fun-totally-irresponsible-boys from college.) Now in the clear light of day, I blame this purchase on being starved for outside stimulation and from the lack of oxygen my brain was receiving by breathing though my mask. Can we all agree on that???

Good, because here is the thing. The fabric wasn’t good. It was cute, but not good. And I didn’t discover this until after I finished sewing it. Again, this is all my own fault. I didn’t pre-wash kitty cat because it was a knit. I figured, “What could happen?” Well, in this case, not pre-washing was like renting to someone without checking their references. A Disaster. When I took the pajamas out of the dryer the neckline sagged and gaped, the pockets fell open all flabby-like, the garment shrunk at least 3 inches lengthwise but seemed bigger width-wise AND the fabric felt weird. Not soft and snuggly—but coarse and disappointing. Big sigh. Here are the sad, yet truthful, pictures……

Sometimes it is best to “cut” your losses and move on!!!

So this is what I plan to do. Call the game and cut the garment apart to save the trim. I am not being harsh or vindictive, I just need to recognize that I made a mistake. It was a case of poor judgement. Just because you make some bad pajama’s doesn’t mean you need to stay with them…..or sleep with them….or even let them sit on the couch with you. I’m getting out my mom’s Gingher’s and saying good-bye to cheap, ill-fitting fabric. After all, I am not a “One-night-stand-fabric” kind of girl. And my friend, neither are you!

On a Happier Note, A Little Preview…..

Here is the front piece of the “New York Skyline” dress I started…..

To cheer myself up, I am making a dress using the Lotta Jansdotter Esme pattern that we looked at in last week’s post (the bias cut, black plaid, frothy petticoat dress). I have this New York Skyline print that has been sitting in my closet waiting and waiting for just the right pattern. This fabric is solid-dependable and looking for a long-term commitment. I am trying hard not to rush into a rebound relationship with it. I pre-washed the fabric, was careful with my print lay-out while cutting and decided to make a few alterations to the pattern.

Here is the back.. See how I pieced 2 different sections together?? I am super excited to see how it all turns out!

I think this dress will have cap sleeves and I’ll make bias tape from the same fabric to go around the neck. I also want to close the neck in the back with a big bow-tie. Thus far, I am really happy with the back because I cut it down the middle and used two different sections of the fabric to give it a little “New York Jolt”. There is lots of stuff to work on. But, like I said, I am playing it cool. Taking my time. Not being too needy or in a hurry. We will have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another and take our stitches one day at a time. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Time to Say Goodbye!

That’s it for now everyone! I love you and hope you have an awesome week! Take care and I will talk to you soon.

Published by kristimcgree

Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

4 thoughts on “I Should Have Known Better…..The Heartbreak of Cheap Fabric.

  1. The kitty fabric is so adorable. I love your attitude, never give up as each disappointment is another look at success in a different way. Your are an amazing creative person. Hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your right Cheryl, that is my attitude towards things. But honestly, that is because of Jesus. On my own I am a mess. With Him in my life, anything is possible. Hugs back!


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