Sewing Through Change

I have this hanging in my bedroom.

Keeping My Center of Gravity.

It is interesting because, almost daily, I get the gift of conflicting opinions. I live in a predominately conservative community that is located in a predominately liberal state. Because of this, I get to see a wide range of views about what happens in our world. Especially these past few months. Sometimes those views and opinions swirl and clash into each other. When that happens I try to remember two guiding principles. One, “Fear Not.” Two, “For God so loved the world….”, (which means the people I love easily and the people I don’t). These two principles create a center of gravity that helps me keep my feet in times of turmoil. It shows me how to honor others, even when I don’t see things their way. It gives me the desire to be better and do better in a world that often gets lost. It gives me grace when I fail. It is an okay way to live.

So I hope all of you are well, happy, healthy and safe. If you are feeling unsettled, consider that you don’t have to move to fear. If you are annoyed, consider that you can feel it and then leave room to love. And while you are at it, create something beautiful.

Beauty for Ashes

Sewing helps me give expression to things I don’t have words for. That is what happened with this Butterick B6388 vest. I made the vest in January after posting about a dress from the same pattern and fabric (the dress is in the ” Double Mint Sewing” post). Although the pattern told me that the wrong side of the fabric would show, it didn’t register and I went blithely forward using single-side fabric. The good news is; it was an easy sew. The bad news was, I couldn’t wear it. What to do???

Well, first I put it in my “get-to-it-later” basket for several months. Then, this week, I pulled it out and said, “Hmmmmm……”

I knew it needed a facing or a lining or something. But I didn’t have enough of the original fabric to cut either of those out of a full piece. And, I wasn’t excited about making a contrast facing/lining. In fact, I wasn’t excited about cutting and attaching a full facing/lining at all!!! So, here is what I did instead…….

I crazy pieced it. I took all of the scraps and pieces that I had left and stitched them onto the underside of the vest. I left my edges raw and didn’t turn or seam anything. Just stitched them on with a zigzag. This is how it looked.

After attaching the pieces I stared at the vest some more. Then I got my embroidery scissors. For some crazy reason I wanted to cut the vest up. I did, and it felt really good! I cut slashes into the white pieces and backed them with dotted mesh from my closet. Sometimes I stitched close around the slashes and sometimes I didn’t.

After slashing I decided to play on the ripply ruffle effect and made trim using the same mesh. The trim went along the bottom of the vest and sleeves. Again, I kept all of the edges raw. Occasionally, I used pinking shears so the edges would match the zigzags. When I was finished with the trim it looked like this……

About mid-way into slashing and trimming I realized the vest gave expression to my feelings about all of the hopeful/discouraging/hard/easy/right/wrong/topsy/turvy events happening in our world right now. Like all good creations, you can read into it what you want.

At first I thought about calling the vest “Crazy Times.” But now, after sitting in my center of gravity, I changed it to, “Beauty for Ashes”. I hope you like my story about making it.

Replacement Pajama’s

A few posts back I had an unhappy experience trying to make some new pajamas. I wailed long and hard about it and then moved on. Eventually I even made some replacement pajamas. Here they are……..

Both pieces are remakes. I added ribbon and a piece from a little girl’s party dress to the bottoms. I added the heart(s) to a comfy tee that I had. Pretty fun, huh?

I also decorated a nightgown for a sweet friend who is standing shoulder to shoulder with her husband as he battles cancer. After taking this picture, I added eyelet lace around the bottom of the nightgown. It was the perfect last touch. Made the nightgown look as sweet as her.

Okay everyone, It is time to say “So Long!” I ADORE you all and pray for you with each post. Take care, be safe, guard your health and love each other.

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Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

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