It’s Time; Plus More Help Than I Can Handle.

Good Morning!

It’s time to check in. How are you all doing? Are you well, happy, healthy, confident and at peace? Let me just say, hasn’t 2020 been one for the books??? I often wonder what it will be like 5 to 10 years from now when we look backwards. How will we describe this year and the impact it had on our future world and nation? I hope that the good parts stay and the bad parts become a history we learn and grow better from. That is what I am rooting for.

It’s time to plan a trip. I’d almost forgotten that the name of this blog was Sewingjourney. You know, Journey: “An act of traveling from one place to another.” Or, “An American rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1973, composed of former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch.” We either have to make rock and roll music or take a sewcation.

This is our official town logo. Aren’t you SUPER EXCITED???

A sewcation it is!! Of course, in this sewcation we wont be going far. Probably my back yard. But, a journey is a journey and nothing to sneeze at. This is what I am thinking: We will set up the sewing machine on the patio; make delicious snacks; adhere to the Sewingjourney rules (2 days to complete the project; no patterns; only use materials you can find on the journey) and learn a little history/geography about where I live). It will be fabulous! And since many of you have never been to me house it will be a journey for you. Welcome to Winston Oregon, friends!!! I promise to treat you with first class service.

Let’s plan the trip for early-mid July. How about July 10th and 11th? That gives me plenty of time to work out the details and write at least one or two more blogs before we head out…… my back yard. (Hah!!)

It’s Time To Make a Growth Garment. I have been stitching up remakes and easy sews until they are coming out my ears! It’s time to up my summer game with a GG (Growth Garment). Here’s what I’m planning…..a pink raincoat with an underlining. I bought the rainwear fabric from Marcy Tilton (of course I did) and the inside lining came from a fabric store in Paris (you know, back in the days when we traveled……). The pattern is Vogue V9340 and says right on the front “VERY EASY VOGUE”. I believe them. I think the coat itself will be pretty easy. But adding an underlining brings it up to Growth Garment status. I have only limited lining experience and don’t think I have ever done an underlining. But I chose an underlining (as opposed to lining the coat) because I can wrap my head around what to do. So, I think it will be easier. I sure hope so.

Before I ramble on any more about linings and underlinings lets get a little knowledge under our belts. According to an underlining is; “a fabric added to fashion fabric for more body and/or opacity. It’s a separate layer attached to the corresponding garment fabric section wrong side, and then treated as one during construction.”

I don’t need opacity or extra body, but I really really like the lining fabric and think it will be adorable peeking out from under the pink coat. The lining is much lighter than the rainwear so it makes sense to attach the two together. Anyhoo, we are going to charge forward and see what happens. Like all good Growth Garments, this baby will probably take a while. I hope no one is in a hurry.

Here is my start. I plan to cut the raincoat first and then cut the underlining, using the same pieces each time. However, my experience cutting out the coat leads me to our next topic……..

More Help Than I Can Handle Or, The Cat Nip Collection

What is it about cats and sewing? It’s like they infuse fabric and tissue paper patterns with cat nip. My cats can be outside sound asleep under the daylillies and the second I lay fabric out on the floor they race inside like its a cat food commercial. Before you can say “Scat!” they are laying on the fabric; pouncing on the pattern; bumping into the scissors; and nudging me while I cut. I tell you, It’s more help than I can handle!!!

Last night, with the help of the black cat, Moses, I managed to cut out 3 pattern pieces. Yes, I said 3. Here is photographic evidence of Moses assisting in the atelier……

And don’t think Mitzie is off somewhere being docile and painting her kitty-nails. Here are pictures of her giving a “helping paw” last week when I was trying to measure and make a change on a dress remake.

Did Karl Lagerfeld have this problem with his cat. Chopette?

It is time to sign off. Okay dear ones, we’ve checked in, updated and made plans. All in all it’s been a pretty productive post. I love you all and pray for you with every post. Take care and I’ll take to you soon.

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

From the Book of Micah.

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Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

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