Sewing Journey Staycation: The Preview Edition

Hi Everyone!!!

Welcome to the Land of the Umpqua. Your sewing journey for the next 2 days!!!

It’s the night before our staycation and I am as busy as a bumble bee doing preparation work. Here is the rundown……

Supplies and Material: Cheryl chose the numbers 7 and 13 so I went out into the garage and pulled out the 7th and 13th container (with no peeking!). Here they are:

I noticed that they contained mostly fabric so I decided to go into my “Remake Closets” and pull out some clothing(yes, I have sections of closets dedicated to remakes…….please don’t tell on me!!). This will give us options when we create. I pulled the 7th hanger and the 13th hanger from each closet. Here are some clothes we can work from tomorrow.

Outing: Tomorrow’s weather report is awesome. Partly cloudy with a low of 57 and high of 85. Since it is going to be gorgeous, I thought we’d start our staycation with a hike/gentle stroll up the North Umpqua River. (Because we need adventure with our sewing!) We will meet Sewing Sister at her house around 11:00 and then meander our way up the river. Pack some sensible footwear!!

Here is some background about the North Umpqua from the website, “The North Umpqua, a tributary of the Umpqua River that drains a scenic and rugged area of the Cascade Range south of Eugene, is one of Oregon’s most beautiful rivers. Flyfishing, whitewater boating, camping and scenic driving are premier recreation activities. The clear water, large Douglas-fir stands and geologic formations add to the spectacular scenery. The river is known for a variety of resident and anadromous fish species, including summer and winter steelhead, fall and spring chinook salmon, coho salmon and sea-run cutthroat trout. (the picture at the top of the post was taken along the North Umpqua River)

Snacks: I have raspberries and boysenberries in the fridge so I think I can make Berry Scones quick-like in the morning. And strong coffee! Of course, strong coffee.

We will have tons of room to work!

Location: All I have to do is clear off the patio and set up the sewing machine when we get back from our hike/gentle stroll.

Welcoming Committe: Dunkin, Mitzie and Moses are in place and ready!! !

One more remake……..

I told you that tackling “Too’s” was addictive! I just finished one today that I had to show you!! This is a top that Sewing Sister got for me from a Flea Market in Italy. It’s adorable but a little snug. So, sticking with the theme from our last post, I put an inset in the back. Only this time, I used a tea towel. Didn’t it turn out cute!!! Also, I made the strip narrower and put a pleat at the back neckline rather than cutting and fitting it with a back center seam. The remake was quick, easy and hopefully, I can wear the top tomorrow on our hike.

Goodbye Everyone!! Tomorrow is Day 1!!!

Published by kristimcgree

Hi, my name is Kristi. I love to sew, write and travel and I think having opportunities to be creative is the greatest thing ever!

2 thoughts on “Sewing Journey Staycation: The Preview Edition

  1. Remakes are amazing creations. My friend Nancy is always going around saving plants that others would throw away and adding her artistic talent to bring forth beauty. Just like God does with us. I will be excited to see what you make Kristi. Cheryl

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