All Good Vacations Must Come to An End……(Even When They Are At Home!)

Good Morning!! I know you are dying to hear about the end of the Sewingjourney sewcation………It was AWESOME!! Let me give you a brief rundown of the final day and a half. Fitting, fussing and finishing….. The last time we were together (see previous post) I had taken a stretchy skirt and a yo-yo quiltContinue reading “All Good Vacations Must Come to An End……(Even When They Are At Home!)”

Sewing Staycation Update: Day 2

Good Morning! I’m happy to report, some stitches were sewn!!! Here is how the day went……… The Day Begins…… Got up, made coffee and made the scones. They were mixed berry scones made with raspberries and boysenberries. Super good and summery tasting. I’ll put the recipe at the end of the blog. Watered and fedContinue reading “Sewing Staycation Update: Day 2”

Sewing Staycation: Update Day 1

Good Morning!! Let me start by saying, we are going to need another day. Yesterday was super-fun, super-inspiring and I dropped into bed exhausted but not a single stitch was sewn. None. Here’s what did happen…… Started out the day with coffee but no scones. Door number 1 said, “Get up and make scones.” DoorContinue reading “Sewing Staycation: Update Day 1”

Sewing Journey Staycation: The Preview Edition

Hi Everyone!!! It’s the night before our staycation and I am as busy as a bumble bee doing preparation work. Here is the rundown…… Supplies and Material: Cheryl chose the numbers 7 and 13 so I went out into the garage and pulled out the 7th and 13th container (with no peeking!). Here they are:Continue reading “Sewing Journey Staycation: The Preview Edition”

Taming the Too’s.

Good Morning! The picture above was taken while I was sitting in my lawn chair; chatting with a neighbor (6 feet away, of course); watching our other neighbors light off fireworks. It was AWESOME!!! Since COVID-19 changed the look of 4th of July my neighborhood decided to go with the flow. I have a coupleContinue reading “Taming the Too’s.”

It’s Time; Plus More Help Than I Can Handle.

Good Morning! It’s time to check in. How are you all doing? Are you well, happy, healthy, confident and at peace? Let me just say, hasn’t 2020 been one for the books??? I often wonder what it will be like 5 to 10 years from now when we look backwards. How will we describe thisContinue reading “It’s Time; Plus More Help Than I Can Handle.”

Sewing Through Change

Keeping My Center of Gravity. It is interesting because, almost daily, I get the gift of conflicting opinions. I live in a predominately conservative community that is located in a predominately liberal state. Because of this, I get to see a wide range of views about what happens in our world. Especially these past fewContinue reading “Sewing Through Change”

It’s a Journey, Even When You Are At Home….

Good Morning!!! I thought I would give you guys a little garden update. I have a new flower garden on the side of my house that is the perfect example of how little steps can lead to something amazing. One day, my friend Carol said, “What do you think about making your side yard aContinue reading “It’s a Journey, Even When You Are At Home….”

I Should Have Known Better…..The Heartbreak of Cheap Fabric.

Good Morning! First let me clarify, when I talk about “cheap fabric” I’m not talking about inexpensive fabric. I adore inexpensive fabric, and for the most part, inexpensive fabric has been kind and careful with my heart. Instead, I am talking about cheaply-made fabric. The kind that sucks me in with a cute print andContinue reading “I Should Have Known Better…..The Heartbreak of Cheap Fabric.”

Finished the Growth ReMake, Time to Take It Easy.

Good Morning! Dunkin and I are back to walking the trails by Olalla. We have hit the magic interlude where the forests are re-opened after being closed due to Covid 19 but they are not yet closed again because of fire season. Whoo-hooo! I don’t know about the rest of you , but I’ve putContinue reading “Finished the Growth ReMake, Time to Take It Easy.”

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