Out of the Skillet and Into the Frying Pan.

Good Morning! I read that one of the unexpected outcomes of staying home during the COVID 19 outbreak is an increased interest in bird watching. According to the New York Times, “With coronavirus restrictions dragging on, interest in bird-watching has soared as bored Americans notice a fascinating world just outside their windows. Downloads of popularContinue reading “Out of the Skillet and Into the Frying Pan.”

How the GG became a NESP** (translation below)

Good Morning!! What Is an NESP??? One of the residual effects of being an educator is my abiding love of acronyms. I just cant help myself. Any time I can make up a word by using letters from other words I am in heaven. So let me translate the title….. Remember the red satiny metallicContinue reading “How the GG became a NESP** (translation below)”

Time for Sewing and Living

Good Morning! This is a picture of basil growing in my garden. Basil is one of my “Summer Straight Ahead” signs and it holds the promise of fresh pesto in the future. (I’ll put my recipe at the end of the post). Basil also got me thinking about my relationship with time (no, not “Thyme”Continue reading “Time for Sewing and Living”

The Missing McGree Returns! And I sewed…..

Good Morning! This is Moses. He is Mitzie-the-Sewing-Kitty’s litter mate. I got Mitzie and Moses around 2014-15 while I was filling in as principal for Tri City Elementary. One of the third grade teachers, Natalie, brought a basket of kittens as “writing prompts” for her class. Natalie was a genius! First, she got 8 andContinue reading “The Missing McGree Returns! And I sewed…..”

Do Good; Spread Hope; Fear Not

Good Morning!! Did you see the Pink Supermoon on Tuesday? It was pretty incredible, huh? I did a little research and found out that the full moon in April is always known as the Pink Moon. Not because it is pink but because it appears as the North American wildflower, Phlox Subulata (“moss pink”) comesContinue reading “Do Good; Spread Hope; Fear Not”

Sewing for Angels….

Good Morning!!! I hope everyone is healthy, happy and staying safe in the middle of this unbelievable time. Man, are we going to have some interesting stuff to talk about when we are old. So far, it sounds like most of you are in a decent situation. I still am wondering how those in EuropeContinue reading “Sewing for Angels….”

One Stitch at a Time…..

Good Morning!!! Hi everyone, this was my first view this morning so I thought I would share it with you. How is everyone??? We are all good at the McGree home. I’m not sure if you noticed that I haven’t had pictures of Mocha lately so I guess I should let you know that sheContinue reading “One Stitch at a Time…..”

Inspirational Sewing— Fear Not

Good Morning! I had the feeling you were missing me so I thought I would write a quick post. How is everyone? I am sending you love and encouragement over the miles. My Sewing Sister said something profound today; “God either is, or He isn’t”. I love that. If I believe that God is whoContinue reading “Inspirational Sewing— Fear Not”

Why You Should Make EFG’s

Good Morning!!!! First Off, I send love and care to everyone who is dealing with effects from COVID 19 or other challenges in their life. You aren’t alone. For one thing, you have me!!! And you have all the other people who are part of our Sewingjourney community. In fact, (for a while now) IContinue reading “Why You Should Make EFG’s”

Our Sewing Stay-cation: All Done!!

Good Morning! This is one of the many quilts that hang on my walls.  This was created by Charleen Stanfill who was my Mom’s Sewing Sister.  She made it in the 70’s (remember 70’s velvet??) and it hung on the entry-way in her house.  We would go to Charleen’s house for Thanksgiving and this quiltContinue reading “Our Sewing Stay-cation: All Done!!”

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