Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two-and-a-Half

Good Morning!!! Want to know the VERY BEST thing about doing a sewing Stay-cation? The check out time is so flexible. In fact, I have it on good information that the owner will let us stay as long as we need. It’s a good thing too, because I am in the zone with our sewingContinue reading “Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two-and-a-Half”

Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two

Good Morning!!! Okay everyone, let’s grab a couple of cookies and a cup of coffee and talk about today’s plans……. Signs of Spring After thinking about all we saw and the materials we purchased yesterday I decided to make the theme of this Sewing Stay-cation “Signs of Spring”. I know, it’s totally appropriate isn’t it?Continue reading “Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two”

Our Sewing Stay-cation Day 1

Good Morning!! Hi everyone, the more I think about turning our Sewingjourney into a Stay-cation the more excited I get. Many of you don’t know much about where I live or what I do so this will be a great way to become more familiar with each other. I thought we would start the dayContinue reading “Our Sewing Stay-cation Day 1”

Taking On the Flannels and Sewing Lemonade

Time to Tame the Flannels Good Morning!!! After the Inspirational Flannel Dress Remake I realized The Flannels were getting out of hand. I have been collecting them this winter and they’ve been hanging out together in the Idea Closet, pitching pennies, forming their own little gang (WSF: Winston Serengeti Flannels), and picking on some ofContinue reading “Taking On the Flannels and Sewing Lemonade”

Sewing Sister’s Part Two: Conquering Sewing Intimidation Syndrome (SIS)

Good Morning!! The last time we talked I promised to share more of SS (Sewing Sister) and I tackling the dreaded SIS (Sewing Intimidation Syndrome). As you may remember, the first day was pretty free and easy. We started with a Nancy Zieman pattern (McCalls 7331) and did a lot of Imagineering, Eyeballing, and ColoringContinue reading “Sewing Sister’s Part Two: Conquering Sewing Intimidation Syndrome (SIS)”

A Marcy Jacket Interlude…..

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Sewing News for a Special Announcement……….. THE MARCY JACKET IS FINISHED!!!!!!!! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The Marcy Jacket (V9287) is complete!!! This is where plugging away at a project (how many weeks has it been?) will take you. To a happy ending. I don’t know about you, but IContinue reading “A Marcy Jacket Interlude…..”

The Sewing Sisters Tackle SIS (Sewing Intimidation Syndrome) and a Slight Correction

Good Morning! The other day I was at Sewing Sister’s house and she showed me some beautiful fabric she had purchased at Michael Levine’s on her “Rainbird” trip in California. Besides being an oh-so-pretty floral, the fabric was as soft as cocoa butter against your skin. SS (Sewing Sister) talked about making a dress forContinue reading “The Sewing Sisters Tackle SIS (Sewing Intimidation Syndrome) and a Slight Correction”

The Dogs Go To Days Creek and Flannel Remake Update

Good Morning!!! The Blog Dogs were antsy this morning so I took them to my old stomping grounds in Days Creek. When I lived in Days Creek we were close to Bland Mountain Road. It was a great place to take dogs. It is steeper, longer and smoother than the road in Olalla and IContinue reading “The Dogs Go To Days Creek and Flannel Remake Update”

Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.

I can’t say “Good Morning”……….. because it is almost bedtime…..and that would be confusing. I am scurrying to get this post out so you can start planning your packing list. That’s right!!!!! It’s time to for another Sewingjourney!!! I made reservations and we leave in a week. It will be a lot more fun ifContinue reading “Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.”

Marcy Jacket Update; a Tearful Confession; and Half of an Upcycle.

V9287 Marcy Jacket Update Good Morning! We have sleeves!!! I feel like the Marcy Jacket is jumping up and down like Pinocchio exclaiming “I AM a real boy!!” Only replace “boy” for “jacket” and you get the gist of what she is saying. She has waited so-o-o-o-o-o long for sleeves. If you remember, the mostContinue reading “Marcy Jacket Update; a Tearful Confession; and Half of an Upcycle.”

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