Sewing Staycation Update: Day 2

Good Morning! I’m happy to report, some stitches were sewn!!! Here is how the day went……… The Day Begins…… Got up, made coffee and made the scones. They were mixed berry scones made with raspberries and boysenberries. Super good and summery tasting. I’ll put the recipe at the end of the blog. Watered and fedContinue reading “Sewing Staycation Update: Day 2”

Sewing Staycation: Update Day 1

Good Morning!! Let me start by saying, we are going to need another day. Yesterday was super-fun, super-inspiring and I dropped into bed exhausted but not a single stitch was sewn. None. Here’s what did happen…… Started out the day with coffee but no scones. Door number 1 said, “Get up and make scones.” DoorContinue reading “Sewing Staycation: Update Day 1”

Sewing for Angels….

Good Morning!!! I hope everyone is healthy, happy and staying safe in the middle of this unbelievable time. Man, are we going to have some interesting stuff to talk about when we are old. So far, it sounds like most of you are in a decent situation. I still am wondering how those in EuropeContinue reading “Sewing for Angels….”

Inspirational Sewing— Fear Not

Good Morning! I had the feeling you were missing me so I thought I would write a quick post. How is everyone? I am sending you love and encouragement over the miles. My Sewing Sister said something profound today; “God either is, or He isn’t”. I love that. If I believe that God is whoContinue reading “Inspirational Sewing— Fear Not”

Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.

I can’t say “Good Morning”……….. because it is almost bedtime…..and that would be confusing. I am scurrying to get this post out so you can start planning your packing list. That’s right!!!!! It’s time to for another Sewingjourney!!! I made reservations and we leave in a week. It will be a lot more fun ifContinue reading “Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.”

Week 5 Part 3: Changing the World One Marking Pen at a Time–While Making Your Projects Look Awesome!

Good Morning. I am sick with a cold and feeling sorry for myself. A rotten little cold-troll latched on to me while I was editing the Marcy-Jacket update and I haven’t been able to shake it yet. At this moment, I am sitting in front of the computer wearing flannel pajamas, drinking coffee (I knowContinue reading “Week 5 Part 3: Changing the World One Marking Pen at a Time–While Making Your Projects Look Awesome!”

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