Sewing Journey Staycation: The Preview Edition

Hi Everyone!!! It’s the night before our staycation and I am as busy as a bumble bee doing preparation work. Here is the rundown…… Supplies and Material: Cheryl chose the numbers 7 and 13 so I went out into the garage and pulled out the 7th and 13th container (with no peeking!). Here they are:Continue reading “Sewing Journey Staycation: The Preview Edition”

Time for Sewing and Living

Good Morning! This is a picture of basil growing in my garden. Basil is one of my “Summer Straight Ahead” signs and it holds the promise of fresh pesto in the future. (I’ll put my recipe at the end of the post). Basil also got me thinking about my relationship with time (no, not “Thyme”Continue reading “Time for Sewing and Living”

The Sewing Sisters Tackle SIS (Sewing Intimidation Syndrome) and a Slight Correction

Good Morning! The other day I was at Sewing Sister’s house and she showed me some beautiful fabric she had purchased at Michael Levine’s on her “Rainbird” trip in California. Besides being an oh-so-pretty floral, the fabric was as soft as cocoa butter against your skin. SS (Sewing Sister) talked about making a dress forContinue reading “The Sewing Sisters Tackle SIS (Sewing Intimidation Syndrome) and a Slight Correction”

Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.

I can’t say “Good Morning”……….. because it is almost bedtime…..and that would be confusing. I am scurrying to get this post out so you can start planning your packing list. That’s right!!!!! It’s time to for another Sewingjourney!!! I made reservations and we leave in a week. It will be a lot more fun ifContinue reading “Start A Packing List and an Inspirational Flannel Dress.”

Marcy Jacket Update; a Tearful Confession; and Half of an Upcycle.

V9287 Marcy Jacket Update Good Morning! We have sleeves!!! I feel like the Marcy Jacket is jumping up and down like Pinocchio exclaiming “I AM a real boy!!” Only replace “boy” for “jacket” and you get the gist of what she is saying. She has waited so-o-o-o-o-o long for sleeves. If you remember, the mostContinue reading “Marcy Jacket Update; a Tearful Confession; and Half of an Upcycle.”

A Beautiful Busy Thursday. (Spreading Joy Through Random Acts of Sewing)

Good Morning! It is bright and cold and glorious this morning. No time for lollygagging. We have stuff to do and things to make…. Shilo’s Blanket or How to Be Thoughtful in Under an Hour….. First, We need to get ready for a baby shower. We have about 2 hours. On the upside, I amContinue reading “A Beautiful Busy Thursday. (Spreading Joy Through Random Acts of Sewing)”

With All This Poo There Has to Be a Pony……

Good Morning. There is a story credited to the late President Reagan that goes like this…… A family had two sons. One son was a dyed-in-the-wool pessimist, the other an incurable optimist. The boys’ parents feared that each had an unrealistic outlook on life so they consulted a Specialist. The Specialist came up with aContinue reading “With All This Poo There Has to Be a Pony……”

A Valentine’s Day Upcycle and Time to Meet the Parents.

Good Morning and Happy Valentine’s Day! I made a cute and easy upcycle for you yesterday to celebrate this Day of Luh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Ve. It took about 30 minutes and only required some spare red fabric and a cast-off little girls party dress. Let me show you…… I’ve had this stripped tunic for a while. It’s comfortable,Continue reading “A Valentine’s Day Upcycle and Time to Meet the Parents.”

Tah-Dah!!! We Did It.

Our first sewingjourney is finished!!! Whooooo hoooo, whoooo hoooo. Remember when I said this trip could either be a disaster or the best thing ever? I think it was a little of both. Just at different times. I journeyed; I sewed; I survived. I also learned a lot. And, met a ton of amazing peopleContinue reading “Tah-Dah!!! We Did It.”

Suprise!!! We are going on a Sewingjourney…

Good Morning! Pack your bags, we are heading out on a real-live-sewing journey. You will need a jacket, gloves, possibly a raincoat, walking shoes and clothes that can get sandy or wet. Are you excited? When I first thought of this blog I thought, “What if I combined sewing, traveling and buying fabric?” (All thingsContinue reading “Suprise!!! We are going on a Sewingjourney…”

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