All Good Vacations Must Come to An End……(Even When They Are At Home!)

Good Morning!! I know you are dying to hear about the end of the Sewingjourney sewcation………It was AWESOME!! Let me give you a brief rundown of the final day and a half. Fitting, fussing and finishing….. The last time we were together (see previous post) I had taken a stretchy skirt and a yo-yo quiltContinue reading “All Good Vacations Must Come to An End……(Even When They Are At Home!)”

Sewing Staycation Update: Day 2

Good Morning! I’m happy to report, some stitches were sewn!!! Here is how the day went……… The Day Begins…… Got up, made coffee and made the scones. They were mixed berry scones made with raspberries and boysenberries. Super good and summery tasting. I’ll put the recipe at the end of the blog. Watered and fedContinue reading “Sewing Staycation Update: Day 2”

Sewing Staycation: Update Day 1

Good Morning!! Let me start by saying, we are going to need another day. Yesterday was super-fun, super-inspiring and I dropped into bed exhausted but not a single stitch was sewn. None. Here’s what did happen…… Started out the day with coffee but no scones. Door number 1 said, “Get up and make scones.” DoorContinue reading “Sewing Staycation: Update Day 1”

Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two

Good Morning!!! Okay everyone, let’s grab a couple of cookies and a cup of coffee and talk about today’s plans……. Signs of Spring After thinking about all we saw and the materials we purchased yesterday I decided to make the theme of this Sewing Stay-cation “Signs of Spring”. I know, it’s totally appropriate isn’t it?Continue reading “Our Sewing Stay-cation Day Two”

Our Sewing Stay-cation Day 1

Good Morning!! Hi everyone, the more I think about turning our Sewingjourney into a Stay-cation the more excited I get. Many of you don’t know much about where I live or what I do so this will be a great way to become more familiar with each other. I thought we would start the dayContinue reading “Our Sewing Stay-cation Day 1”

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